Syllabus Spring Semester


Mr. White

U.S. History 1-B Room L-103



739-5600 x2823


To Students, Parents and Guardians:


                In this class, students will gain an understanding of their surrounding world through the study of various individuals, movements, and events.  Studies and observations will draw comparisons to today’s complex world.  Students will participate in various individual and group activities including: debates, discussions, historical role playing, critical thinking activities, position papers, journal writings, political cartoons and comics, historical posters, textbook assignments, and the refining of note taking and research skills.

Lessons and assignments in this class are aligned with the Social Science standards established by the state of California and the Corona-Norco Unified School District and are designed to reinforce the Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLRS). We are currently working to align our curriculum to the new Common Core Standards.


US History 1-B Essential Learnings:

Students will analyze:

1.The causes of the Great Depression and the New Deal as a response to the economic crisis of the 1930s.

2.The economic, social, and political effects of US entry into WWII.

•WWII on the home front: economic and social changes

3.The economic boom and social transformation of post WWII America.

4.The major developments in the world role of the US: Vietnam, opening of China, Cold War, Gulf War, Middle East conflicts

5.The social changes in American society brought about by the Civil Rights movement and the women’s movement

6.The major social problems and domestic policy issues in contemporary American society.


  • The course will facilitate the use of authors, music, art, media, outside resources, primary source materials, ect.

Grading Scale:

                100-90 A

                89-80 B

                79-70 C

                69-60 D

                59-0 F

Homework:  We will have monthly homework projects which will be posted on my website. In addition, unfinished classwork may be completed for homework. All class work & homework will be posted online on my teacher page which is attached to the SHS website. All absent work is due the meeting after the student’s return to class (multiple day absences will require an individual meeting with Mr. White). Whenever possible, however, try to get assignments before an absence. UNEXCUSED LATE WORK MAY ONLY BE COMPLETED DURING OFFICE HOURS AND WILL COUNT AS PARTIAL CREDIT.

Supplies Needed:

BRING YOUR TEXTBOOK EVERY DAY!!  Blue / Black ink pen, Highlighter pens, 3 ring binder with dividers, college ruled paper (lose leaf), composition book/spiral notebook.  Supplies Recommended:  Colored pencils/markers, glue stick










Be A Shark behaviors lead to a safe and supportive environment with a sense of community and belonging. The product of these behaviors is a positive learning environment and competent responsible citizens. Measurable results include: fewer discipline issues, better attendance, higher academic performance, and a generally more positive, inclusive, and encouraging atmosphere.






  • Wear your school ID
  • Be on time/early
  • Bring required materials
  • Class time is limited – manage it wisely


  • Follow classroom rules and procedures
  • Do your own work
  • Follow the school dress code policy
  • Use appropriate online behaviors/practice positive digital citizenship


  • Fully participate in lectures, projects, and discussions
  • Set a specific goal for performance in this class
  • Use Office Hours to your advantage
  • Regularly monitor your grade on “Q”


  • Show consideration and courtesy to teacher and classmates
  • Follow classroom cell phone policy
  • Use appropriate school language
  • Show care for classroom equipment – desks, chairs, computers, supplies


  • Ask for help when needed
  • Be ready to learn new things
  • Be curious, ask questions
  • Have a positive attitude and be resilient – don’t give up































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