World History

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Course Description:

This is a chronological survey of World History from roughly late 1400s to modern time.  Our focus for the entire first semester is the development of democratic systems of government. We start by looking at Greek and Roman societies where the democratic political systems first emerge and end the semester with a World War and the emergence of another political system, Communism. Second semester will look at the “new” world order that forms as a result. The students in this class will develop their skills in the areas of historical thinking, argumentation, civic and social responsibility and geographical thinking. In addition, they will be required to use academic skills such as note taking, basic computer skills, research, and writing in order to complete their classwork as well as homework.

Teacher Expectations:

I expect all of my students to be successful and will do all I can to provide the best opportunities for this to be true. This may require students attend office hours as well as tutoring if the student requires additional time to understand coursework. Additionally, students will be required to use basic computer skills to complete online portions of this course. Students need to bring all appropriate materials, including their text, a small composition book, paper, a notebook or 3-ring binder, and pen/pencil on a daily basis. In addition, it is understood that any homework assigned will be completed at home or in the library. Class time will not be reserved for students to complete their homework.

Class Rules:

Students will follow all school wide rules and regulations including the attendance policy. In addition, our class will practice the classroom guidelines that are posted in our classroom. There is also a zero tolerance for cheating. Any assignments found not to be the original work of the students will be collected and a zero will be given for the assignment. A second incidence will result in the student being sent to the office and removed from this class for the rest of the day. A third incident will potentially result in the student being dropped from my class. All cell phones and MP3 players will be stored during class unless needed to complete an assignment in class. A charging station will be provided for the students’ convenience and with this expectation in mind.


Students will be given an average of 4 to 5 hours of homework per week. This will normally consist of taking active reading notes on the assigned chapter of reading and any unfinished work from class. Additionally, there will be online assignments required. If the student does not have access to the internet at home, these assignments can be completed before or after school or during lunch in the school library or this classroom. All work should be neat, titled, and have a proper heading.  Work is due by the date assigned. Late work will be accepted with a 10% penalty per class meeting it is late.


World History, Culture, & Geography: The Modern World, byJackson J. Spielvogel, Ph. D.