Mr. Toomey is the staff lead for the Santiago Be A Shark program - our MTSS Tier 1 campaign to teach students the behavioral expectations to create a sense of community and belonging on a safe and supportive campus.
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Official definition:

BE A SHARK  is an MTSS Tier 1 framework that establishes behavioral supports and develops social culture to help students achieve social, emotional and academic success.

Simply put:

BE A SHARK is a schoolwide campaign designed to improve school culture and to teach, highlight, and promote the positive behaviors that define who we want to be. Why?

1. Practicing BE A SHARK behaviors leads to a safe and supportive community with a positive learning environment and competent, responsible citizens.

2. Measurable results include: fewer discipline issues, better attendance, higher academic performance, and a generally more positive, inclusive, and encouraging atmosphere in all areas on campus.