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Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Apply for financial aid beginning OCTOBER 1st of your senior year. Apply before March 2nd to be eligible for Cal Grant funds.

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5 Basic Types of
Financial Aid

Federal or state assistance
with no obligation for work or repayment


Gift assistance with no obligation for work or repayment

See the "Scholarships" link to the left for more info.

Federal Loans
Providing funds,
but with a future repayment obligation

Student is offered part-time work
while attending the institution


Provide assistance for specific costs such as tuition

with no obligation for work or repayment

Financial aid programs provide support for students to help meet the costs of pursuing higher education. Funding is provided by the federal and state governments, the individual colleges and universities, and a variety of other public and private sources.

Need help understanding what your financial aid package means?  Check out this helpful website!

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