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Community College

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What all students should know and be doing they they are headed to community college.

Norco College

Santiago Canyon College

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    4 Year California Public Universities

    California State University

    University of California

    Helpful Tips:

  • Send SAT/ACT scores early.

  • UC & CSU schools do not accept recommendation letters unless you are applying for a special program or scholarship.

  • Check your university application web portals and your email often for admissions updates and information regarding your application.

  • If you get stuck on your application or have other admissions specific questions, don't hesitate to call the admissions office of the schools that you are applying to for help.

  • Each campus has admissions advisors ready to help.

  • Each campus has admissions advisors ready to help.

  • Request your official transcript from the registrar's office. During the summer official transcripts can be requested from the district office.

  • Independent California Colleges & Universities

    Visit Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities (AICCU) to explore private colleges and universities in the state of California.

    Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)

    HBCUs provide a nurturing environment for learners most at risk of the college achievement gap. Additionally, these institutions serve as a safe space for educating minority students living amidst the unstable racial climate of America.

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